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Hello, my name is Nick Allyn and thank you for looking at AI Buzz. As you can tell, I am extremely passionate about the field of artificial intelligence. I believe that artificial intelligence will save millions of lives in the coming years due in higher cancer survival rates, cleaner air, as well as autonomous cars. The goal of this site is to spread my excitement and passion about the latest applications of AI in our world. Over the coming years, I hope to provide high quality news content that will ignite interest in the field and inspire a new group of young innovators.

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In addition to being passionate about the field, I am professionally involved in AI. I currently work at a bank in New York applying big data analytics on large datasets. I use a combination of Python, R, and SQL in my everyday work to find insights and attempt to predict the future.

I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Albany where I studied clustering methods as well as a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Specifically, I specialize in applying clustering to time-series data. I am an expert in the sensing data analytics field where I hold multiple first author publications in peer-reviewed journals where I used dimensional reduction techniques such as Principal Component Analysis to find the most valuable features in large sensing datasets. I am an effective communicator to both technical and non-technical audiences through written and oral presentations at conferences.

I am also an avid participant in Kaggle competitive machine learning competitions. Additional experience with machine learning techniques such as random forests, neural networks, and gradient boosting.

My interest in technology started very young where I wanted to take apart every electronic that my parents owned. It continued through high school where I attended a summer camp for Java (super cool, I know). While I had skill and interest in programming, I didn’t get my start in machine learning until graduate school where I had to learn Python at a fast rate to analyze results. From there, I found Kaggle and quickly fell in love with applying machine learning to real-world problems. It was a long journey to find it, but I know that this is the field that I want to be in.

Besides programming, my other hobbies include soccer and photography. Check out one of my best photos from the Grand Canyon below:

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