DeepBrain AI Review: Bringing My Posts to Life with Video

DeepBrain AI

Pricing: Starter Plan at $30/month for 10 minutes of video, Pro Plan at $225/month for 90 minutes of video, Enterprise Plan with customizable pricing.

Core Features: Diverse audio and video creation capabilities, Variety of customizable templates, Integrated approach with functionalities like ChatGPT for script generation and proprietary screen recording, Over 100 diverse human avatars, Support for 80+ languages, Integrated editing tools.

What we like: Easy signup and intuitive interface, Wide variety of high-quality templates, High-quality stock images and videos, Customizable background and text options, and High-quality audio and variety of AI avatars.

What we don’t: Limited avatar customization, Lack of transparency regarding AI methodologies, and Limited generator capacity.

Rating (4.3/5):

Diving into the realm of artificial intelligence-based video creation, my exploration of DeepBrain AI opened a world of opportunities that significantly streamline and enhance content production. Right from the get-go, DeepBrain AI flaunts its core strength – a formidable array of audio and video creation capabilities.

As a user, I was welcomed by a rich variety of templates catering to an array of use-cases, and a suite of customization features that ensured my content could be as unique as I desired. I was pleasantly surprised by the export flexibility, as the tool allows exporting either the complete video or just the AI-generated audio, offering immense versatility. Further enriching the experience, DeepBrain AI Studios’ video creation process, backed by lifelike AI avatars and high-quality audio capabilities, proved to be remarkable.

However, what truly sets DeepBrain AI apart is its integrated approach, tying together an array of functionalities such as script generation with ChatGPT, extensive editing tools, and proprietary screen recording features. Despite some minor shortcomings like limited screen size options and room for improvement in handling multi-lingual text inputs, my experience with DeepBrain AI was largely positive, emphasizing its proficiency as a robust, efficient, and versatile platform for high-quality content creation.

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Audio & Video Creation Capabilities

The audio and video creation capabilities of DeepBrain AI emerge as a core strength of this innovative tool. From providing a wealth of templates and customizable options to streamlining the export process, DeepBrain AI remarkably simplifies content creation.

Template Diversity and Quality

My first interaction with DeepBrain AI presented me with an array of popular templates designed for different use cases, including beauty videos, news videos, business, sales, social media, presentations, education, events, and more. The templates are diverse and high quality, covering a broad range of scenarios – from simple chatGPT-generated scripts to fully immersive AI avatar video presentations.

Customization Features

The platform provides ample customization options, allowing for a high degree of personalization. You can modify texts, generate subtitles, select or upload images, adjust backgrounds, select or record audios, and even add shapes. This ensures your content is tailor-made to your unique requirements.

Export Flexibility

Once you’re done creating, you can either export the full video or just the AI-generated audio. This flexibility is particularly beneficial if you’re planning to incorporate the content into a larger project or use the audio separately.

Video Creation with AI Studios

DeepBrain AI Studios provides a simplified approach to video creation. Users can transform a simple text script into a video featuring AI avatars that expertly deliver the script with impressive lip-synching. The meticulous detail that goes into creating human-like movements and expressions sets DeepBrain AI apart.

Avatar Diversity

The tool offers over 100 diverse human avatars, enabling a level of personalization that increases the videos’ appeal and engagement. Users can choose the right representation based on the content they are creating. 

Pre-made Customizable Video Templates

DeepBrain AI has integrated over 65 pre-made customizable video templates, simplifying the video creation process for users with varying levels of expertise. This feature caters to a wide array of video types, including social media videos, training videos, onboarding videos, and product demos.

Audio Capabilities

DeepBrain AI’s audio capabilities are commendable. With a support for 80+ languages, the text-to-speech output brings a touch of human-like articulation, ensuring that your message will be heard clearly and accurately by a global audience.

Integration with ChatGPT

DeepBrain AI is integrated with ChatGPT for script creation, simplifying the scriptwriting process. Furthermore, users can upload their own audio files to use as voiceovers, or even record their voice directly via a PC microphone, adding a personal touch to the videos.

Editing Tools

The platform also includes an extensive array of editing tools. Users can add image and video backgrounds, texts, sound, and music directly from the platform, which saves users from having to utilize additional editing software. 

Proprietary Screen Recording Feature

DeepBrain AI provides a proprietary screen recording feature, with or without audio, further expanding the possibilities for content creation.

Video Rendering Speed

The speed of video rendering on the platform is also impressive, with a 1-minute video taking approximately 3 minutes to render.

In conclusion, the audio and video creation capabilities of DeepBrain AI are a well-rounded and highly capable tool. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, DeepBrain AI offers a comprehensive suite of features that simplifies video creation without compromising on quality. There are areas that could benefit from refinement, such as dealing with multi-lingual text inputs and improving speed, but overall, DeepBrain AI is an invaluable tool for creating engaging audio and video content.

Ease of Use and Interface

Ensuring transparency in how the AI system makes decisions could improve user trust. Users could be provided with more insight into how the AI operates, enabling them to better understand the platform.

Video Rendering and Downloading

The rendering process for videos was smooth and surprisingly fast. I was impressed by the ability to download the video in various formats, such as MP4 and MOV, as well as in different resolutions. These options cater to a wide range of needs, whether you are looking for a high-resolution video for professional purposes or a lower resolution for quick sharing on social media.

The speed and quality of the video downloading process was also commendable. Upon completion of the rendering process, the platform sends an email notification, which is a thoughtful addition that ensures you are updated on the progress of your video creation.

Innovative Solutions

One of the aspects I appreciate about DeepBrain AI is its commitment to innovating and improving the user experience. They are continually seeking ways to enhance the platform, and their focus on video creation and editing capabilities is evident in their user-friendly and intuitive interface.

One such innovative solution is their integration with ChatGPT. This integration not only makes script creation a breeze but also contributes significantly to the overall ease of use of the platform.

Overall, my experience with DeepBrain AI’s interface was largely positive. Despite a few areas that could use improvement, the platform offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is well suited to users of all levels of experience.

Screen Size Limitations

One of the areas where DeepBrain AI could improve is in its screen size options. Currently, only a horizontal or vertical viewport is available. While these are the most commonly used, having a few additional options would provide a more tailored experience for users with specific requirements. For instance, adding a square viewport would cater to social media platforms that prefer this format.


Versatility is an attribute that best encapsulates the essence of DeepBrain AI. Whether you are a marketer looking for a tool to create product videos, an educator aiming to enhance learning experiences, or a creative professional wanting to experiment with audio-visual content, DeepBrain AI proves to be a competent companion. This proficiency stems from its ability to cater to diverse needs with an array of tools and options.

Variety of Templates and Editor Capabilities

One of the first things you notice about DeepBrain AI is the impressive variety of templates. They cover a wide spectrum of themes, making it easy to find one that fits your specific needs. Once you’ve selected a template, the platform’s editor offers an abundance of tools to help shape your creation. These tools include options to manipulate templates, text, subtitles, images, backgrounds, videos, audio, and shapes, effectively demonstrating the platform’s versatility.

Diverse Image and Video Options

In terms of visual content, DeepBrain AI doesn’t disappoint. The tool offers an assortment of high-quality stock images and videos. Additionally, you have the option to upload your images or start a screen recording with audio. This breadth of image and video options makes DeepBrain AI a versatile tool for creating multimedia content.

Wide Range of Audio Capabilities

The audio capabilities of DeepBrain AI further showcase its versatility. In addition to offering a range of stock music, you can start an audio recording or generate professional-grade voice-overs from text inputs. This broad range of audio options means you can create engaging content that appeals to both the eyes and ears of your audience.

Script Generation and Export Options

The script generation feature of DeepBrain AI, powered by ChatGPT, also exemplifies the platform’s versatility. You can either generate a script using your own voice or upload an audio recording. The flexibility continues with the export options, allowing you to export either the entire video or just the AI-generated audio of the script.

Wide Array of Use Cases

The versatility of DeepBrain AI is reflected in its ability to cater to a wide array of applications. From training videos to marketing campaigns and everything in between, DeepBrain AI has the flexibility to accommodate a variety of needs. 

Rich Feature Set

DeepBrain AI boasts an impressive and diverse feature set that includes over 80 languages and voices, more than 100 diverse human avatars, customizable video templates, and a wide array of other options. These features make it possible for DeepBrain AI to be utilized in almost any scenario requiring a professional video.

Language Localization

The platform’s language localization capabilities further enhance its versatility. With support for over 80 languages and voices, DeepBrain AI enables users to localize their video content swiftly and efficiently, reaching a wider audience without incurring additional costs.

Handling Simple and Complex Projects

DeepBrain AI proves to be a reliable tool for both simple and complex projects. From quick text-to-video conversions to complex projects that require advanced editing and multi-scene videos, this tool is up to the task.

Despite these strengths, there are areas where the platform could improve, like integrating collaboration features and refining avatar gestures. However, these minor limitations do not overshadow the remarkable versatility of DeepBrain AI. Its ability to cater to a wide range of use cases, adjust to varying complexities, and localize content efficiently marks it as a standout tool in the realm of AI video creation.

AI Features and Functionality

AI Avatars and Voice Selection

DeepBrain AI presents a diverse collection of AI avatars, each carrying a distinct persona. As part of my journey, I selected Daniel, an avatar with an “announcer persona.” The multitude of voice options available for each avatar simplifies the task of finding an ideal fit for the video’s tone and context.

The AI avatar customization is a noteworthy feature, providing an opportunity to influence the avatar’s appearance through short commands. While this feature performs quite well, it could be enhanced further by integrating breaks and additional commands such as pause, laughter, or even hand movements, thus enriching the user experience.

Script Generation with ChatGPT

One of the standout offerings of DeepBrain AI is the AI-generated scripts. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, the platform allows for the creation of scripts based on user input. This assistance from the AI proves handy when you need to write a script or a question, as the AI is equipped to generate the rest of the content.

Superior Audio Generation

The audio generation by DeepBrain AI is top-notch, producing voiceovers that are less robotic than many competitors. This results in high-quality, natural-sounding narration that greatly enhances the overall output. In addition, the platform also offers an option to generate a script with your voice or upload an audio recording, expanding the range of options for your project’s audio component.

AI-Driven Video Creation

DeepBrain AI excels at AI-driven video creation, leveraging the capabilities of sophisticated AI models to provide superior outputs. The generator in DeepBrain AI is highly advanced and, from my experience, it’s the best currently available on the market.

Simplified Video Creation Process

DeepBrain AI greatly simplifies the video creation process. The platform eliminates the need for traditional filming equipment or actors by offering virtual actors or avatars that mimic human behavior, complete with gestures and lip-syncing according to speech. As a bonus, localization costs are also significantly reduced as users can share a single video among different audiences just by changing the spoken language.

Extensive Feature Set

The features provided by DeepBrain AI are extensive and comprehensive, making it a one-stop solution for AI-based video creation. These include support for 80+ languages and voices, over 100 diverse human avatars, customizable video templates, free-royalty music, graphic and video assets, and integration with ChatGPT for easy script creation, among others.

Multilingual Capabilities

DeepBrain AI’s support for over 80 languages makes it a platform that truly caters to a global audience. This feature enables businesses to create AI videos in various languages and accents, thus enhancing their outreach in an authentic way.

Potential Limitations

Despite its robust features, DeepBrain AI has certain limitations. For instance, the screen size options could be expanded, and the platform’s heavy reliance on text may not resonate with users who prefer visual editing. Nevertheless, these minor drawbacks do not significantly detract from the overall effectiveness of the platform. 

What We Like

  • Easy Signup and User-friendly Interface: DeepBrain AI made a strong impression right from the start. The signup process was smooth and the user interface intuitive, ensuring a great experience from the get-go. The dashboard was clear and well-designed, making it simple for us to navigate and start our projects.
  • Diverse Template Selection: We were impressed by the wide variety of templates offered by DeepBrain AI. From beauty videos to business presentations, the diverse range caters to all kinds of needs. We found the education-specific template particularly effective for our AI-generated art article.
  • Superior Quality Stock Images and Videos: Unlike other platforms that use common sources like Pexels or Shutterstock, DeepBrain AI provides high-quality stock images and videos. The ability to upload custom images and screen-record videos added a great degree of flexibility and personalization.
  • Customizable Background and Text Options: The tools for background customization and text editing allowed us to create videos exactly the way we envisioned. The possibility of fine-tuning the video background with our choice of colors was an appealing feature that added to the aesthetics of our content.
  • Impressive Audio Quality and Avatar Selection: The high-quality audio preview feature was a standout, sounding less robotic compared to other platforms we’ve used. Despite needing some improvement in the user experience department, the stock music options were abundant. We also loved the variety of AI avatars and voice options offered, enabling us to tailor the videos to specific use cases.
  • Efficient Layer Selection Bar and ChatGPT Integration: The layer selection bar proved to be a handy tool for organizing content within the video. The integration of ChatGPT for script assistance streamlined the video creation process by generating scripts for us.
  • Flexible Export Options and Efficient AI Model Building: DeepBrain AI provided the flexibility to export the full video or just the AI-generated audio based on our project’s requirements. The AI model was built swiftly, and the estimated video length was accurate, enhancing productivity. The email notifications upon video completion were a thoughtful touch.
  • Impressive Overall Experience: The overall experience with DeepBrain AI was a delight. The combination of functionality, user experience, and quality output made it a powerful tool for a variety of video creation needs. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited Avatar Customization: Although DeepBrain AI’s generator is remarkable, the inability to instruct the avatar to pause, laugh, or make hand movements restricts its potential. Additional interactive commands would improve the overall user experience.
  • Inadequate Advanced Services Availability: While we understand that certain AI applications are experimental, their limited accessibility to the public reduces the versatility of the tool. As such, enthusiasts might not fully experience the potential of AI.
  • Lack of Transparency: We would appreciate more clarity regarding AI Studios’ methodologies and decision-making processes. Given the increasing ethical implications of AI, clear communication about data sources, model biases, and potential societal impacts becomes paramount.
  • Limited Generator Capacity: In some instances, the generator could be more dynamic and detailed. Its tendency to halt mid-sentence and forget past interactions could hinder the content creation process and efficiency.
  • High Pricing and Limited Locations: AI Studios’ service costs might be prohibitive for some users, especially startups and small businesses with tight budgets. Also, a lack of physical locations can limit access for users in more remote areas.
  • Limited Specialization: While AI Studios provides a variety of AI services, they might not have the specialized expertise required in certain niche areas. This lack might force users to look elsewhere for their specific needs.
  • Lack of Realism in AI Avatars: The generated AI avatars sometimes lack the desired realism, potentially affecting user engagement and the overall experience.
  • Customer Service: AI Studios could improve its response times to customer inquiries. Faster, more effective communication would significantly enhance the client experience. 

Other Versions of DeepBrain AI

In this section, I delve deeper into the multiple use cases I’ve come across during my testing.

Using DeepBrain AI for Content Generation

This version is a treasure for writers like me who require a constant influx of fresh ideas. The content generation use case of DeepBrain AI has proved itself to be a remarkable tool in helping generate creative and engaging content. It comes with a “note-like” format, which is instrumental in jotting down thoughts and ideas swiftly.

While its capabilities are undeniably useful, it does have its limitations. For instance, generating detailed content based on the provided information can sometimes be a challenge. The dialogues it produces, in particular, could use more refinement to reach a truly conversational level.

Using DeepBrain AI for Video Creation and Editing

The video creation and editing use case of DeepBrain AI stands out for its user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness. The ability to generate AI avatars and incorporate them into videos is one of the unique features of this tool. It allows the user to create dynamic, visually appealing videos that effectively convey their message.

However, there are some caveats to consider. For instance, certain premium features are available only via paid plans, which may be a hurdle for budget-conscious users. Also, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to making the AI avatars more natural and lifelike.

Using DeepBrain AI for AI Model Creation

The AI model creation use case is another feather in DeepBrain AI’s cap. It enables users to build custom AI models capable of performing specific tasks, such as language translation or image recognition. This level of customization enhances workflow efficiency by tailoring AI solutions to specific demands.

The Competition

Within the rapidly advancing field of AI video creation, numerous competitors are vying for market share. Each brings unique offerings and innovations to the table, challenging the dominance of platforms like DeepBrain AI. Let’s delve into these competitors, examining their strengths, weaknesses, and how they stack up against DeepBrain AI. is another significant player in the AI video creation arena, providing an alternative to DeepBrain AI’s services. It excels in its integration capabilities, offering a broadened use case through native integrations with platforms like Zapier. has also begun to dabble in avatar gestures, a feature DeepBrain AI could look to expand upon.

However, the higher pricing structure of may deter cost-sensitive customers, allowing DeepBrain AI’s more reasonable pricing model to shine. challenges DeepBrain AI by offering similar text-to-video AI avatar services at a lower price. With their Zapier integration and collaborative workspace features, caters to a different demographic, those who need an AI video creation tool that can be smoothly incorporated into existing workflows or used for team collaboration.


Hourone presents itself as another contender in the AI video creation space, differentiating itself with customizable avatars and a range of social media integrations. This additional functionality is attractive to content creators and marketers who require multi-channel distribution for their video content.

Colossyan Creator

Colossyan Creator takes avatar customization to a new level, allowing users to tweak age, emotions, and expressions in their AI avatars. This level of customization can lead to more engaging, personalized videos, an aspect that DeepBrain AI may need to address to remain competitive.


Lumen5 separates itself from the pack by specializing in transforming blog posts into engaging video content. Although a formidable tool for content repurposing, DeepBrain AI outshines Lumen5 with its plethora of avatars, language support, and rapid video creation.


Animoto, a popular video editing tool, lacks the AI avatar feature that sets DeepBrain AI apart. Despite its range of templates and stock images, it can’t compete with DeepBrain AI’s groundbreaking AI video creation capabilities.

DeepBrain AI Pricing Plans Comparison

DeepBrain AI PlanStarting Price Visit
Starter$30/month (billed monthly) for 10 minutes of videoSee It
Pro$225/month (billed monthly) for 90 minutes of videoSee It
EnterpriseTalk with SalesSee It

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